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Vintage 2014 Harman's Cheddar (Aged 2 Years) 
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as told by present owner, Maxine Aldrich.

In 1954, John and Kate Harman retired from life in New York City and bought a small general store in Sugar Hill to start a mail order business. In 1955, a salesman mentioned that his firm had discovered some cheese that had been "forgotten" for 2 years. Mr. Harman recognized the potential and purchased that 1/2 ton of cheese at 54¢ a pound to start the "World's Greatest Cheddar Cheese" tradition. Today it isn't a "mistake" that ages the cheese - we buy it young and age it at least two years to duplicate the perfection of that "forgotten" cheese! It's been over 50 years and we're still offering great Cheddar along with great customer service.

Over the years, we've added other unusual and unusually good items alongside our distinctive cheddar, forming a small family of hard-to-find, pure, top quality delicacies. We still look for items which fall in that category and add a few new ones each year. We welcome your suggestions in our selection process.

Each and all of our intentionally small number of products have been selected for their unusualness and each carries a message of old-time quality, good taste, and reasonable prices. Whether you order for yourself, for family, for friends, or for associates, you can always be sure of unusual satisfaction and unusual appreciation.

The Harmans loved their business and customers, and they always enjoyed chatting with them personally or on the phone. There was never a question of the quality of the products. Should a customer be dissatisfied, a replacement or refund immediately went out. The customers came first with the Harmans, and we continue that tradition.

The Harmans passed away in 1980 after long, fruitful lives and 26 years in Sugar Hill. I had enjoyed working with Mr. & Mrs. Harman since 1974 and took as much pride in the business as did John and Kate. My husband, Bert, and I purchased the store in April 1981 and our family continues the Harman Tradition with our daughter, Brenda, who is now managing the store with me. All of our family is interested in the business even if they are not in the midst of it. It never fails: in our children's many travels (even in Asia) people will see them wearing a store sweatshirt and say, "I buy cheese from there."  It really is a small world!

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