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Vintage 2014 Harman's Cheddar (Aged 2 Years) 
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We've compiled over 365 recipes to celebrate 50 years of Harman's Cheese and finally we have taken some of them out of the book and put them on the web for you.

Check back each month to discover another page of the cookbook featured for you to read and download.

Recipes range from Mr. Harman's favorites to a cookie recipe that was written by a 4th grade student as a homework assignment (that young student now works in our store). Intertwined with the recipes are memories, history, and trivia from the many folks that have been a part of Harman's Cheese. We wish to thank our customers, employees, and friends that shared their memories and recipes with us. They made this cookbook possible.

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Page 53
Cheddar Pennies

Last Month's Cookbook Page

Page 173
Ultimate Macaroni & Cheese Mom's Macaroni & Cheese

Page 176-177
Adventures of Painting the Store

From the Cookbook Introduction:

In doing this project, I realized that I've been actively involved in the store for thirty years. As a hotel worker in the 50's I came to the store to purchase ice cream on my time off. I used to enjoy the boardwalks that linked the hotels all the way down to the village Meeting House. I loved those boardwalks, they were unique and I was sorry to see them replaced with sidewalks.

In the 60's, the post office moved from the store to the small building next door. In the 70's the store's gas pumps were removed, I remember the price was 34¢ a gallon. In the 70's, I started my employment with John & Kate Harman. In the 80's, Bert and I became owners of the store. The 90's saw the business grow, more products being offered by mail order, and more grandchildren to fill my time. Now in this decade, I'm trying to work only part-time at the store and looking forward to next decade.

I hope you'll enjoy exploring the past 50 years through our cookbook, and may you also enjoy some great recipes as you travel through those years.    -- Maxine Aldrich

We wish to thank our customers, employees, and friends that shared their memories and recipes. They made this cookbook possible.

50 Years of Cookbook Recipes,
Complimented by Memories, History & Trivia

Harman's Cheese & Country Store: 1955 - 2005

Paperback, spiral bound with 307 pages
365 Recipes
More than just cheese. Anadama Bread to Zucchini Marmalade.

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