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Started as a mail order business by John and Kate Harman in 1955, Harman's Cheese & Country Store has long been known for old-fashioned quality, reasonable prices and personal service. We worked for the Harmans and have strived to stay true to John & Kate's vision since we took ownership in 1981.

The Harman Cheese & Country Store home of the World's Greatest Cheddar Cheese in Sugar Hill New HampshireOur little red country store is nestled in the quiet New Hampshire village of Sugar Hill, but the store is anything but quiet. Our mail order business reaches all across the USA, Canada, and other countries. We have had orders from as far away as Saudi Arabia and as close as next door - both are handled with special personal service. Customers call to place their orders and chat about the weather - we take the time to do both!

More than a mail-order business, our store is open year round to welcome and serve you. We are open seven days a week May through October, and open Monday through Saturday from November through April. The products we offer are both unusual and unusually good. They are one-of-a-kind items found rarely, if ever, in markets or specialty food shops.

We have been featured in newspaper articles from the Boston Globe to the San Francisco Chronicle, and also in many gourmet-minded publications such as Satisfaction Guaranteed and Mail-Order Gourmet. We don't seek the publicity, but it finds us. People seem to think (and we agree) that we have a special little store. Often we don't know about the publicity until you, our customer, tell us.

Come visit and enjoy our cheese. We sell more than 11 tons of the "World's Greatest Cheddar" each year. We invite you to check out all of our products and see for yourself why our little business is more than just a quiet country store. Please continue your online visit, and do stop in to browse, shop, visit and sample the next time you are in New Hampshire's north country!
                                            Maxine & Brenda Aldrich

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Albert "Bert" Aldrich

Husband of Maxine Aldrich
father to Brenda Aldrich


 "Love this cute store, we need
one like this in NYC."
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